Siccaro - världens mest absorberande badrock för hundar

Siccaro är en verksamhet med bas i Danmark och som utvecklar och producerar produkter i hög kvalitét. Deras mest kända produkter är WetDog Supreme Pro, Spirit och Splash, som är världens mest absorberande torkdräkter. Varumärket lanserades år 2013 och finns idag representerat i 15 olika länder.
Siccaro’s produkter används av professionella hundtränare, uppfödare, frisörer och veterinärer i hela världen.


I kärnan av Siccaros torktäcken finns Wet2Dry®-teknologi: Två lager som i ett samarbete effektivt absorberar fukt från hundens päls. I alla produkter i Wet2Dry-serien består det innersta lagret av en specialdesignad, ovävd viskosblandning, som är optimerat till maximal absorbering och hållbarhet. Det kan absorbera över 7x gånger av dess vikt i vätska, samtidigt som materialet är andningsbart då det är utvecklat till att få fukten att avdunsta.



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Super Absorbent Pet Drying Mitts

Super Absorbent Pet Drying Gloves

  • Features Siccaro Wet2DryÔ super absorbent fabric technology that can absorb over 7 times its weight in water from wet dogs to help them dry
  • Outer layer is Oekotex certified terry cloth made from organic bamboo
  • Unique fabric technology reduces unpleasant dog odours
  • Compact and light-weight for easy storage and transport
  • Gentle, fast drying of sensitive areas such as ears and paws
  • Helpful for cleaning up water spills after bath time
  • Can dry small and large pets, eg. Hamsters, cats or horses\
  • One size fits all people

One size fits all. Sold as a pair.

Fabric: 100% viscose

Care: Machine washable at 30° Celsius, tumble dry at low heat or line dry.


Supreme Pro

Ultimate Absorbency Dog Drying Robe - For fast and smell-free drying


  • Your dog is 90% dry within 15 minutes* 
  • Wet2DryÔ fabric technology holds over 7 times its weight in water
  • Odour-reducing properties
  • Allows dogs freedom to move whilst drying
  • Keeps wet dogs warm in cold weather while they dry
  • Siccaro’s ClickLock – for easy fastening and adjustable fit
  • Quick & easy to put on for owners with restricted movement
  • Cools overheated dogs on hot days
  • Machine wash at 30°C and tumble dry on low
  • Comes in 7 sizes from XS - 3XL (e.g. from Chihuahua to Newfoundland)

*Depending on the length and thickness of the dog’s fur


Supreme Pro dog drying robe is the world’s fastest, new way of drying dogs while they run, play or rest, after rainy weather, water training, swimming or bath-time.

It features the unique super absorbent Siccaro Wet2DryÔ fabric technology, which can absorb 7 times its weight in water and reduces wet dog odour. Whilst it gets your dog dried quickly, it also keeps dirt, water and mess from your home and car. No more stinky, wet, dirty towels.

Instructions: Open the neck zipper. Place the dog’s head through the neck hole. Push the T panel under the belly of the dog and pull the ends with buckles around each side and click together where they meet at top. Adjust straps to fit and close neck zipper to desired position. Button the elastic strap around each back leg, one leg at a time.

To cool your dog: Soak the Supreme Pro robe in cool water. Wring out excess water and put it on your dog for up to 30 minutes. 

Care: After drying your dog with Supreme Pro, hang it to dry in a well ventilated or outdoor area until dry.

If soiled, wash at up to 30° Celsius (use non-enzyme washing powder) then hang to dry or tumble-dry on low.

Fabric: 100% viscose

Warning: Never leave the Supreme Pro on a dog where it may enter water, due to the risk of drowning. 


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