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Sizeguide Female
Female Clothing

In order for the riding equiment and clothing to have a perfect fit, it is important to choose the correct sizes. Find the right size of your riding clothes with the help of our size guides below. To get as accurate measurements as possible, measure directly on the body. If your measurements are between two sizes, we recommend that you take the larger size if you want a looser fit and the smaller size if you prefer a tighter fit.

A) Chest width is measured where the chest is largest
B) Waist width is measured where the waist is narrowest
C) Hip width is measured where the hips are widest
D) The arm length is measured from the shoulder to the wrist, with the arm slightly bent
E) The inseam length is measured from the crotch to the ankle

Sizeguide female

Size (cm) A
B Waist C
Arm  length
E Inseam  length
XS 34 80 67 90 59 72
S 36 84 71 94 59,5 72
38 88 75 98 59,5 72
M 40 92 79 102 60 72
42 96 83 106 60 72
L 44 100 87 110 60,5 72
46 104 91 114 60,5 72
XL 48 110 97 118 61 72
XXL 50 116 103 122 61,5 72
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Artnr 465808
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Beskrivelse Fullfôr med små biter for sensitive valper med normalt aktivitetsnivå. Med ferskt lam og ris for høy smak og fordøyelighet. Helt uten kylling. FOS for en sunnmage/tarmhelse og ekstra vitamin c fra nype.
Innhold Vitamin A 4000IE, vitamin D3 400IE, vitamin E (all-rac-o(-tokoferylacetat) 12mg, koppar(II)sulfat pentahydrat 8mg (koppar 2mg), mangan(II)oxid/mangan(III)oxid 3mg (mangan 2mg), zinksulfat monohydrat 34mg (zink 12mg), kalciumjodat anhydrat 6mg (jod 4mg)
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Vekt 370g